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Companies within the SpesNet Group are technologically focused to enable and improve processes throughout the healthcare value-chain.

The company has established a reputation for mastering complex clinical coding and developing information technology systems to assist organisations locally and abroad in order to streamline their processes and achieve enhanced efficiencies.

SpesNet’s real-time solutions are known for being customised, robust and scalable. The agnostic, plug and play solutions are beneficial to all stakeholders within the greater healthcare landscape and are tried and tested in highly complex environments where they can comfortably manage multiple insurer and provider rules simultaneously in a paperless environment.

Our approach is one of collaboration with our clients to find the critical issues that are holding back the optimal functioning of the organisation. We then craft a bespoke solution for each client that not only solves their problem, but also takes into consideration what has to be changed within the current services, and ensure we re-use whatever current systems are re-usable.

With in-depth experience and knowledge of the functioning of all the parties within the healthcare eco-system, we are able to design solutions that take each party’s role and functioning into consideration, and ensure optimal process flow resulting in optimal flow of funds.

We understand the security risks associated with healthcare data and ensure that we comply with the required standards of each country we operate in. Interoperability is critical to the future of healthcare, and we plan and develop for all required standards.

Digital healthcare eco-system solutions

These include:

  • Centralized electronic health records
  • An electronic health exchange with built-in intelligence layers
  • Risk Management engines
  • Insurer, Payor, HMO, and Employer healthcare administration management systems enabling interoperability
  • Workman’s Compensation claims and billing management solutions

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Hospital/ASC/Clinic Management Systems

  • An integrated approach to centralized management of your healthcare facilities
  • Ensuring interoperability
  • Real-time financial and clinical risk solutions designed specifically for healthcare
  • Integrated healthcare coding and rules to enable optimal revenue generation and collection

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Treatment Proficiency Management

Our in-practice clinical solution intelligently determines care pathways for patients. 

The platform generates evidence-based validated risk scores to determine the appropriate procedure (incl. Site of Service Selection), or treatment for each individual patient.

This easy to use online tool, delivers an integrated Clinical Pathway Score™ for each individual patient, in real time, to help patients and their doctors to achieve the desired health outcomes.

Our Solution provides the Healthcare facility with the ability to compare clinical and process outcomes to ensure revenue is optimized. This helps all stakeholders participating in risk-based arrangements to improve quality outcomes.

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Healthcare Risk Waste Solutions

Healthcare Risk Waste Solutions

The Tech4Group focuses on safe, sustainable and environmentally friendly processes to treat Healthcare Risk Waste (HCRW).

Our solutions include the provision of alternative technologies that can be used for on-site waste sterilisation to significantly reduce cost.

We also offer zero landfill solutions as part of your Healthcare Risk Waste management, and aim to positively impact all related levels of your organization.

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Membership Management

Membership Management

  • Through the use of the latest technology and business-informed design, we offer market leading Membership Management systems
  • Understanding the market dynamics within healthcare, we are able to design appropriate solutions for your needs
  • Clients range from healthcare associations and societies to national regulatory bodies
  • Bespoke, customised and integrated solutions, to meet the industry and client-specific and unique requirements
  • Empowering member self-help, as well as the office administration processes relating to membership management


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